Post Graduate Diploma in Development Assistance Management (PGD – DAM) NQF LEVEL 8

Duration | ONE (1) year

This diploma was developed to fulfill a need expressed by public institutions operating at local, provincial and national level in South Africa through the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) and the Food and Agricultural Organizations (FAO) of the United Nations as its technical partner aimed at providing solutions to the national and regional challenges of food security and management of International assistance through bilateral and Multilateral cooperation among institutional and national development alliances. Each module provides unique contribution towards empowering field managers with the necessary skills and competencies to making informed policy decisions for better management of food security issues and international cooperation in government departments and other institutions alike.

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The South African government has identified a shortage of trained officials dealing with Development Assistance across all sectors of government, in particular in the field of agriculture and food security. This has led to a perpetual dependence on skills and capacities from outside Africa for services that Africa will continue to need for a long time and for which it has possibilities to build its own strengths. To ensure cost-effective delivery of Development Assistance, South Africa and its neighbors need to build up a cadre of their own experienced operators, exposed to field delivery in their own environment. To address this, DAFF, FAO and UFH joined efforts/forces and established the IDAM. This institute will offer courses aimed at developing a cadre of trained officials in the coordination and management of Development Assistance. We view this as a critical milestone in the life of the UFH as the institution is celebrating it’s centenary and has trained leaders beyond the borders of SA, hence this institute will do the same. On the 22nd of March 2016, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries officially launched the IDAM at the University of Fort Hare, Bisho campus.

Strategic Objectives of the Institute

Human Resource Strategy

To establish a competent human resource strategy to meet training, research and technical assistance needs by cost effectively harnessing the best available expertise and knowledge resource persons (1-2 years).


To develop relevant well researched courses based on the initial needs survey results and secure final approval of curriculum by relevant accreditation institutions (1–2 years).

Marketing Strategy

To develop and promote an effective, programme marketing strategy that will attract participants from all levels of government (1–2 years).

Aid Management Environment

To promote continuous contribution and practical participation by aid management personnel in all possible ways to further the general well-being and development of the aid management environment (3–5 years).

Knowledge Services

To provide wider knowledge services through the establishment of a knowledge management centre, using ongoing data collection mechanisms support decision-makers and aid management personnel and development of the aid management environment (3–5 years).

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